Bonus Task Checklist

Extra Practice Checklist

Check off the assignments as you accomplish them if you want extra practice.

1.    In General

ÿ     Carry a notebook around with you and write new words and expressions.

ÿ     Say “Hello”, “Good morning”, etc. to the teacher in the hallway.

ÿ     Say a sentence/ Ask a question to an English teacher in English.

2.    Listening

”     Watch a TV show or movie in English.

”     Watch a TV show or YouTube video in English at least 5 times in one week.

”     Listen to 10 English songs in one week.

ÿ     Watch a “lyrics” video

ÿ     Write down at least 1 new phrase from the song

ÿ     Write down new words from the song

3.    Reading

”     Read a blog or article that you find interesting in English at least 5 times a week.

”     Read an entire book in English.

”     Visit a forum, follow on social media, or read comments in English every day.

4.    Writing

ÿ     Write a diary every day in English for one week

ÿ     Write a presentation of yourself, a hobby, your family, a friend, etc.

ÿ     Write a letter to your teacher

5.    Speaking

ÿ     Record yourself speaking about a topic for 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute, etc.

ÿ     Talk to yourself in English

ÿ     Participate in class

ÿ     Ask a question

ÿ     Answer a question

ÿ     Tell a story

6.    Grammar

ÿ     Google “____ exercises” and do the practice exercises.

(Ex. “present perfect exercises”)

ÿ     Write down the ones you get wrong


What is this?

The most important thing to do when learning a foreign language is to have regular, authentic contact with that language. These are suggestions that a learner of a foreign should be doing every week to immerse in that language as much as possible. These are meant to be supplementary to a language class or teacher.

How do I do it?

Check off the boxes as you complete the tasks.

Why these tasks?

These tasks are meant to be the most common things that most people do in their daily lives. These are supposed to work alongside of what we are doing anyway… only doing some in our target language.

How long does this take?

Work at your own pace! This is task-based work instead of time-based work. It is meant to incorporate your target language into our daily lives. If you don’t normally do one of these (for example watch movies, do it and consider it to be a mental exercise… or don’t do it. These are meant to stimulate ideas and motivation, not take them away.

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