Pronunciation/Describe and Draw


LESSON: Describe a Photo

OBJECTIVE: a. Build descriptive language b. Learn new vocabulary. c. practice listening

MATERIAL: Photos to display. (Feel free to use the PowerPoint attached.)

TIME: 30-40 minutes

PART I: Pronunciation and Listening

ACTIVITY: Show slide 1 (telephone slide)

  • Preview and practice the pronunciation for each word on the grid.
  • Tell students to get something to write on and something to write with.
  • I tell them my phone number by saying the words. They write down the number.
  • I ask them to take out their phones and call me.
  • Find a partner and share phone numbers (the numbers can be fake if they prefer)

PART II: Describe and Draw

ACTIVITY: (from next slide)

  • One partner can see the projector, one partner can't.
  • Partner 1 describes the photo.
  • Partner 2 draws what they hear.
  • Change a few times.
  • Review vocabulary and other language for each photo.

OPTION 2: Have students open Instagram and choose a photo to describe to a partner.

Describe and Draw.pdf
Pronunciation and Speaking Practice.pdf
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