SONG: We Are The Champions

LESSON: We Are The Champions

OBJECTIVES: a. Listening identification b. Build natural expressions

LEVEL: Pre-intermediate and above. (Adjust some of the activities for different levels)


  • In pairs (or individual), write 5 things they know about Queen. (Some students may not know anything and that's ok.) - 4-6 minutes
  • Take some answers and work with corrections as a class. (3-5 minutes)

LISTENING: Do these steps in whichever order you see works best for your class.

  • Listen one time and do the matching.
  • Listen a second time and finish the matching.
  • Find synonyms and/or translations of the given expressions in section I.

POST LISTENING: Optional depending on the level of your students. I don't do this with lower levels. (

  • Students write example sentences using the new expressions from section I.
  • Walk around helping individuals form correct sentences.
  • Choose some example sentences to work with as a class.

Good luck! Let us know how it works for you and if you have any special touches that we can all try in our classes.

We Are The Champions LESSON.pdf
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