Draw/Act (with DICE)

I like to do this in my kids and teens classes as an opening routine. I use it to review the vocabulary from the previous class.


OBJECTIVE: Review previous vocabulary

MATERIAL: A white/blackboard. Dice

TIME: 8-10 minutes

VARIATION I: Draw or Act

ACTIVITY: Split the class into teams.

  • Choose one or two students (depending on class size)
  • Someone rolls the dice (odd=draw; even=act)
  • Show the student(s) a vocabulary word.
  • They have to act or draw and their team or the class guesses what it is.

VARIATION II: Draw/ Act/ Describe

ACTIVITY: (for a bit more advanced classes)

  • Same as the last activity, but add Describe.
  • They have to describe the word to their team and their team has to guess it.
  • Sometimes I switch roles and show the team the word, and they have to describe it to the student in the front.

Good luck! Let me know how it works for you and if you have any special touches that I can try in my classes:

Draw or Act.pdf
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