This is a fun way to review homework or to give motivation to the students to do book exercises during class. I recommend this for smaller classes.


LESSON: Review the book exercises

OBJECTIVES: a. Study the key material. b. direction vocabulary c. Tic-tac-toe strategy

LEVEL: Can be appropriate for most levels.

TIME: 10-15 minutes

PLAN: (Best for classes of 2-6 students)

·      Use this to review homework or to do book exercises.

·      Draw the tic tac toe board

·      Teach/Review the spaces on the board (top right/left; bottom right/left; middle; middle left/right/top/bottom)

·      Divide the class into 2 groups

·      Flip a coin to see who goes first

·      Team A chooses a square, Team B chooses a number for Team A to answer

·      A correct answer gets the square


·      Allow a student to draw the X and O if they want (the more participation the better!)

·      Most students choose middle first. Teach them that the corners are the best strategy

Good luck! Let me know how it works for you and if you have any special touches that I can try in my classes:

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