Writing a Chain Story (TEENS)

Do you need a dynamic English writing lesson? This is one your students will love... eventually.

Your students are going to write a chain story. They may not like the idea at first, but then by the end, they will love it! Here's how to do it.

ACTIVITY: Write a Chain Story

GROUPS: 6-9 students


1. Students sit in a circle.

2. Everybody needs a pen and a piece of paper.

3. Start by writing the word "Yesterday"

4. Pass the paper to the person to the write, and that person begins writing the story.

5. Student writes for 90 seconds or 2 minutes.

6. Pass the paper to the person to the right. Continue the story that comes to you.

7. Announce the final 2 or 3 rounds.

8: TIP: Give the later students a bit more time to read their story first.

Additional Tips to Save Your Sanity

1. Allow them to moan and groan at first. Just continue with your lesson. 

2. Limit your control on their content. (I've seen some CRAZY stories.) Let them be creative.

3. Give them time goals to organize themselves in a circle. For example: "You have 2 minutes to organize the class in 3 equal groups and form a circle." (For large classes)

4. Show a countdown timer on the screen. I normally either use Google or Online Stopwatch

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