Pronunciation Phone Number


LESSON: Use as a class opener or to start a speaking lesson

OBJECTIVES: a. Speak with precise pronunciation b. Tune your ear for listening

LEVEL: Can be appropriate for most levels and ages.

TIME: 8-10 minutes

ACTIVITY: Telephone slide

  • Preview and practice the pronunciation for each word on the grid.
  • Tell students to get something to write on and something to write with.
  • I tell them my phone number by saying the words. They write down the number.
  • I ask them to take out their phones and call me.
  • Find a partner and share phone numbers (the numbers can be fake if they prefer)


  • Write down your phone number for yourself before the activity so you don't get confused with the words and numbers.
  • Change the words on the slide for different sounds

Share any other activities you could use this pronunciation slide for.

Phone Number Pronunciation.pdf
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