This is a great way for students to ask real questions and get to know each other. I usually use this as an ice breaker game in the beginning of the year or even the first day.

The students will have to come up with three sentences about themselves. Two of the facts are true, one fact is a lie. The goal of the activity is to ask questions until you find the lie.


LESSON: Truth-Truth-Lie

OBJECTIVE: a. Create correct sentences and questions b. Ask and answer in real communication c. Build community in the class

LEVEL: Intermediate and above

TIME: 30-40 minutes

PRE-TEACH: Asking questions

  • Ask students to create 3 sentences about themselves (2 true sentences and 1 false sentence)
  • Teacher demonstrates an example
  • Review or Teach Question Forms
  • Students ask questions to figure out the false fact


  • Students create their 3 sentences about themselves
  • Walk around the room helping students create correct sentences

ACTIVITY: (option 1)

  • Students come up, one at a time, to the front and share their facts and take questions

ACTIVITY: (option 2)

  • Break larger classes up into more manageable groups (of 5-10) and do the activity.


  • Do an example from your life first.
  • Set a timer for each person's turn. (around 4-6 minutes each)
  • Don't drag it out too long; the students will start to get restless.

Share any other ideas you have for this activity.

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